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Check out Tawna in the news and on the radio

Tawna and husband Chad featured on their episode of HGTV's House Hunters documenting their 2014 journey from Kansas to Nashville. Catch a rerun or find it on your streaming platform. Season 105 ep. 10.  

David Burke interviews Tawna about her

2022 Country & MidWestern Homecoming Tour

Radio SoBro Feature

"Pieces," featured on Nashville radio station 

Radio SoBro.

Tawna selected as 1 of 5 for the 2021

ASCAP Masterclass honor.

KAKE News interview with Good Morning KAKEland's Shane Ewing in Wichita, KS. Featuring Tawna's Country & MidWestern Homecoming Tour 2022 announcement and her latest single "Pieces," in honor of her late Grandfather.

-(joined by Nick Calmes & Amelia Ransom)

Harvey County Now's Bill Bush documents Tawna's music journey featured in her hometown newspaper.

107.9 KWLS Interview

Wichita's 107.9 KWLS Real American Country host Vicki Vail interviews Tawna sharing her journey from Kansas to Nashville, 2022 Midwestern tour, and her latest single. 

KWLS InterviewTawna Goforth
00:00 / 06:26
Vicki and Tawna live
KWLS Vicki Vail

Tawna chosen out of hundreds of applicants to attend the 2021 ASCAP Garth Brooks workshop.

Tawna picked for 2020 Garth Brooks

ASCAP workshop.

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